Gift Shop

Do you want to find the perfect souvenir to help you remember your visit to Janeve’s Old Town Bed & Breakfast in Spring, Texas? Then be sure to make time for a stop at Janeve’s Gift Shop before you head home. Conveniently located just steps from the bed and breakfast’s rental cottage, the gift shop will give you the chance to bring something extra special back home from Janeve’s Old Town Bed & Breakfast.


The Janeve’s Gift Shop is not open to the public and will only be opened by request for bed and breakfast guests. That means you’ll have the opportunity to browse through fresh flowers, crystals, Victorian gift items and more without interruption. You can find a great gift for a friend or family member at the gift shop, or treat yourself to something nice during your stay at Janeve’s Old Town Bed & Breakfast in Spring, Texas.


The gifts inside Janeve’s Gift Shop reflect the style that you’ll see in other areas of the bed a breakfast as well. This residence features a nearly-100-year-old Victorian home that has been completely restored and turned into a picturesque southern-style bed and breakfast. The owner is a distinguished decorative artist who has filled the rental cottage with gorgeous paintings and authentic antiques. The same beauty you’ll find in the cottage rental is on full display in many of the items found in the gift shop.


To see Janeve’s Gift Shop, call Janeve’s Old Town Bed & Breakfast at (281) 288-8888 today.